18 Nov 2024 - 19 Nov 2024 Online Event

Second Harmonisation & Standardisation of Test Methods for Nanomaterials and Advanced Materials Workshop

Internationally harmonised and standardised test methods are a prerequisite for safety and sustainability assessments of chemicals and materials. In this workshop, organised by the Horizon Europe projects iCare, MACRAMÉ and nanoPASS and  in collaboration with the Malta Initiative, we will discuss the way forward on standardisation and harmonisation to incorporate testing of nano and advanced materials

The  two-day workshop (18-19 November) will cover the challenges of applying NAMs for regulatory testing of advanced materials and how we can incorporate NAMs better in regulatory risk assessment, using approaches such as Adverse Outcome Pathways (AOPs).

We will present developments of imaging approaches for the characterisation and assessment of advanced materials. Furthermore, we will discuss how we can standardise approaches on the analysis of complex samples released during the lifecycle of an advanced material enabled product.

Roundtables will enable expert exchange and will give stakeholders the opportunity for discussion and to provide input.

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