30 Aug 2022 - 30 Aug 2022 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm Online Event

SaferWorldbyDesign Webinar: Working days of a cosmetic safety assessor in the EU

Since 2013, cosmetic products must be proved safe according to the European cosmetic regulation 1223/2009. A specific branch of toxicologists work on this purpose, but what do we do as cosmetic safety assessor? From toxicological ingredient profiles to use tests in real conditions, I will present the key points to guarantee product safety in the scope of regulatory requirements and inspections of competent authorities.

This will be the first entry of our upcoming SaferWorldbyDesign cosmetic safety assessment webinar series. Titles for the upcoming series:

  • Nanomaterials: the issue of ingredients with potential nanomaterial form in cosmetics products
  • Packaging safety assessment: specific packaging material = specific safety evaluation
  • Safety claims and specific populations: How to ensure safety claims like “hypoallergenic”, “high tolerance”  and “for pregnant women”?
  • Essential oils safety evaluation: how to deal with a mixture of essential oils?

Presenter: Nathan Stockman (EuroSafe) 

Nathan STOCKMAN, MSc in Toxicology, Brest Univ, is  Safety Assessor at Eurosafe. He is supervising the daily operations in the matter of drafting cosmetic product safety reports (CPSR), and he and his team encounter many cases that will form the starting materials of the 4 webinars he will deliver.

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