17 Oct 2023 - 17 Oct 2023 9:00 am - 1:00 pm Brussels, Belgium & online

Researching energy pathways to a resilient and net-zero society

Europe’s ability to adapt to rapidly changing circumstances has been put to the test in recent years.

Amid the urgent and compelling backdrop of the Clean Energy Transition, we firmly believe that the research community must play a critical role in supporting the consolidation of an EU industrial leadership in low-carbon technologies and in defining optimal transition pathways that do not compromise the EU’s independent quest for a socially just, environmentally sustainable, and ethically uncompromised future.

As a new step towards materialising this vision for clean energy research, this year’s EERA flagship conference pivots its focus towards two thematic pillars: demand reduction and access to critical raw materials. These pillars have emerged among a few crucial factors with the potential to substantially impact the advancement toward a resilient and net-zero society. A pair of policy-focused publications, set to be launched during the conference, will offer insights and recommendations for navigating the intricate interplay between research, policy and industry for these two topics.

Beyond serving as a platform for unveiling both reports and their key findings, the conference will be a privileged occasion to engage with speakers and panelists invested in the pursuit of a fair, autonomous and sustainable Europe and in exploring strategies for accelerating its implementation.

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