14 Aug 2023 - 18 Aug 2023 Online Event

OpenTox Summer School 2023

Empowering Chemical Risk Assessment with Large Language Models

OpenToxAI Hackathon running 14-18 August, daily from 14-18 CEST (GoToWebinar & Slack)

Introduction: The theme of this year’s hackathon which is organized as a part of the OpenTox Summer School is “Challenges are the catalysts for innovation.” You are welcome to join us to prove your ability to drive innovation in chemical risk assessment through the best utilization of open-source resources of large language models (LLMS) including models, data sets, and tutorials. You will be provided with a list of resources to assist you and for all teams to have the same starting point. These resources include learning resources and computational resources. These resources and all the instructions will be attached in other documents in pdf format. Participants will have the chance to learn by working in teams having diverse backgrounds.

Scope of Applications

Usage of Large Language Models (LLMS) for one or more of the following ideas:

  • Automated Chemical Risk Assessment Chatbot
  • Text Mining and Analysis for Risk Identification
  • Prediction of Chemical Toxicity
  • Risk Assessment Knowledge Graph
  • Risk Communication and Visualization
  • Risk Assessment Automation
  • Other ideas in Chemical Risk Assessment

Team Formation Communication:

  • How to join the Slack channel
  • How teams will be formed
  • Further details and a resources kit will be sent to accepted participants

Evaluation and Prizes:

  • Each team will be evaluated by a panel of experts and all the requirements for accepted projects will be taken into consideration.
  • Results will be published (including a presentation at OpenTox 2023 virtual conference).
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