27 Jun 2022 Updates

All About Nano – New ITA Webpage goes online

Do nanoparticles endanger the environment? Can nanomaterials in solar panels promote sustainability? All about the ITA’s ongoing nano research, important events and current news can now be found on the new NanoTrust webpage.



Nanomaterials are omnipresent, be it in industries such as aerospace or computer technology, or in the medical field. How nano and other innovative materials affect humans and the environment and what risks need to be assessed is a central field of the ITA’s research. All ITA activities on nanotechnologies and nanomaterials can now be found on the new NanoTrust webpage.

NanoTrust-Advanced, the continuation of the long-term project NanoTrust, investigates safety and risk-relevant aspects of nanomaterials and other innovative materials. “When we started in 2007, we were one of the first scientific institutions in Austria to research how nanotechnologies affects our health and our environment. On the new NanoTrust webpage we can now present the multitude of results that we gathered over this period, we are thrilled to see it happening!”, emphasises project manager André Gaszó.

Research results are also published in the NanoTrust dossiers and in scientific journals. The annual NanoTrust conference focuses on global issues of nanoresearch.



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