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We help you create safe and sustainable innovative materials, processes, and products following the SSbD principles.

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Leverage our specialized Safe-and-Sustainable-by-Design (SSbD) expertise throughout your research, development, and innovation. We work with you to develop strategies and comprehensive methodologies to assess safety and sustainability issues, especially when dealing with new advanced materials.

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Create holistic approaches to support your R&D&I activities
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Workshops and Training

Integrating safety and sustainability aspects already in the design phase of a new technology supports innovative breakthroughs in all industrial sectors. We familiarize you with the concept of Safe-and-Sustainable-by-Design (SSbD) and together, we identify possibilities for you to optimize the innovation process and therefore find the best solution for your specific use case. Benefit from our expertise and up-to-date information – we guide you through the latest developments in the scientific arena.

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Assessment and Analysis

We enhance your technology development by analyzing and assessing critical hotspots related to safety and sustainability, and collaboratively devising mitigation strategies based on the SSbD framework. Utilize our expertise in safety-related issues and protect human health and the environment within your R&D&I activities. Especially new materials are challenging when it comes to possible risks – let us develop strategies together to be as safe as possible. Together we can achieve sustainable technologies that equally serve people, planet and profit. Discover your sustainable potential with our guidance now.

Moreover, we can link you with an extensive network of partners to address any data gaps that arise and ensure steady progress towards your objectives.


Resilience and Regulatory Readiness

We strengthen your technology development by defining quality criteria as horizontal key elements, setting guidelines and providing methods to achieve them. Bring your innovation further and build trust by addressing quality from the beginning.

By offering insights from the latest national and international standardization activities and EU policy trends in the area of safety and sustainability, strategies are formulated to prepare your technology for upcoming EU work programs and future legislation.

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