03 Oct 2023 - 03 Oct 2023 2:00 pm - 4:30 pm Online Event

Webinar “SAbyNA Guidance Platform for Safe-by-Design implementations”

We invite you to register to our webinar about the SAbyNA Guidance Platform for the implementation of the Safe-by-Design (SbD) approach in the nanotechnology-based industry; the Sabyna Platform will support stakeholders to address the European objectives included in the Green Deal and Chemical Strategy for Sustainability.

Registration at this link:  https://www.sabyna.eu/registration-stakeholders-workshop-2023/

The main aim of our webinar is to present the current version of the SAbyNA Platform and to get the feedback from stakeholders that will be the main users, so that it can be tailored to address their needs and expectations.

The webinar will cover the following aspects:

  • SAbyNA Guidance Platform. A brief overview of the main functionalities of the current version: i) SbD related resources available in the Platform as concise and effective Usability Cards; ii) a screening module; iii) a detailed assessment considering use-scenarios of nanoforms, nano-enabled products and related activities/processes along the different product life stages. Potential exposure scenarios emerging from this assessment as well as the hazard strategy workflow will be presented.
  • Presentation of the “Usability Cards” for SbD of products and processes. Strategies, models, tools, frameworks, databases for SbD have been analysed, mapped and compiled in a Resource Library. The key information has been summarized in “Usability Cards” that will help improve the use of each resource, mainly those that are complex, extensive and/or pay-to-view. The Guidance Platform provides access to this library and allows users to create their own tailor-made library.
  • Simplified LCA and cost analysis: a tool providing streamlined overview of different cost and sustainability indicators of nano-enabled products over their life cycle, considering not only the aspects related to the nanomaterials, but also their influence in the product and its performance.

The case studies within the SAbyNA project are focused on specific sectors (paint and 3D-manufacturing), although the application of the Platform will be indicated for all industries that produce/use nanomaterials.

During this webinar, we will mimic realistic examples from the paint or additive manufacturing sector to illustrate the various functionalities.


Why you must attend this conference

The fundamental premise of our project is that the SAbyNA Platform is useful for different types of stakeholders, from industry representatives to the consultant, regulators, policy makers. In addition to get introduced to the Sabyna Platform, the webinar will be an important occasion to explore the different perspectives to nano-safety across.

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