16 May 2023 - 16 May 2023 Toulouse, France

2023 SAF€RA symposium

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Our world is ungoing multiple significant transitions, including the progressive response to the sustainability imperative, the growth of digital tools and AI, and industrial implications of the geopolitical tension between world superpowers and the war in Ukraine. These transitions produce new safety risks as well as new opportunities for industry. They affect the strategies of industrial firms and the priorities of the public with regard to different risk categories.What are the implications of these transitions for industrial safety, for research priorities, for the roles of institutions involved in safety oversight and risk governance?

What to look forward to?

  • Presentation of cutting edge research on industrial safety from SAF€RA-funded projects
  • Keynote presentations on the green transition and on the implications of the platform economy.
  • A roundtable discussion on the tension and complementarity between safety and sustainability concerns: is it relevant to frame this issue around risk-risk tradeoffs, or around potential complementarity (safe-and-sustainable-by-design approaches)?
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