23 May 2023 Updates

BNN at the Pint of Science Festival

Pint of Science is an international science festival where researchers share their latest findings right in the pub next door. On 22 May 2032 BNN hosted the Pint of Science Austria session “Invisible to the eye – New technologies under the magnifying glass” in Graz, including the following talks:

  • Christian Hill from BRAVE Analytics talked about their solution for particle analysis using light beams, that are being developed within NanoPAT.
  • Richard Gruber from Bionic Surface Technologies followed up with a closer look at the small channels (riblets) that can affect fluid flow.
  • Martin Smolka from JOANNEUM RESEARCH explained how to make and use microscopic chip labs.

Susanne Resch & Clemens Wolf from BNN afterwards tested the participants knowledge with a pub quiz.